Home Safety Tips To Prevent Burglary

It’s no secret that burglaries are a problem everywhere, and the US is no exception.  Here are some home safety tips to prevent burglary:

  • Install motion-sensing lights by your driveway, garage, back door, and/or your front door.  These lights will turn on when motion is detected, helping to deter approaching criminals.
  • Keep the trees and shrubs near your windows and doors trimmed.  This will prevent burglars from being able to hide.
  • Place a home alarm system decal prominently.  Place the decal next to the front door, or place it on a window facing the street.  You can also place it next to your mailbox, or along the walkway leading up to your front door.  Alarm decals will make criminals second guess their decision to break into your home.
  • Store outdoor equipment out of sight.  Store bicycles, lawnmowers, snow blowers, and other expensive pieces of equipment in your garage or a locked shed.
  • Keep your garage doors locked.  Unless you are actively using it, make sure to keep your garage doors locked at all times. Do this even when you are inside the house, especially if your garage is attached to your house.
  • Cover your windows with curtains or blinds.  Curtains and blinds are a great way to prevent lurking criminals from looking inside your house to see what you have.  Keep all of your windows covered when you are not home, especially the ones facing the street.
  • Place your valuables out of sight.  Try to avoid placing valuable items like TVs, stereos, jewelry, game systems, and other valuables in front of windows, or in the window’s direct line of sight.  Instead, place them against the wall or off to the side.  Additionally, make sure to cut up the delivery boxes of expensive items.  Place the pieces in a trash bag and throw it away.
  • Install an alarm system.  Even if it is a basic alarm system, you should install one.  Alarm systems give homeowners piece of mind when they are away from home, as well as while they sleeping at night.
  • This one is obvious, but many people fail to do it.  Keep your doors locked at all times.  This includes the windows.

Hopefully these tips will help you protect your home from burglary and prevent you from becoming a victim.  But remember, nothing replaces common sense.

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